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I may have it backwards…

I’m kind of panicking lately because I’m gaining weight again. But if the author of the book I’m reading, The Only Diet There Is by Sondra Ray, is correct, I may be gaining weight because I am panicking! She may be right. I remember when I first began having trouble. I attended a meditation class. In the break area, they have cookies and Red Vines free for the taking. Indeed, having something to eat is one way to feel “in the body” again after a stint of meditation. So here I was, newly skinny, facing trigger foods, and the trigger foods won. Not only that, I found myself craving candy before class the next week, and it just snowballed from there. It became obsessive.

It got so bad that I considered attending Overeaters Anonymous meetings and following their program. Last night, I tried to attend a local meeting, but no one else showed up. Someone directed me to another meeting that was supposedly taking place later that night, but that meeting did not happen, either. Apparently, that group had not been meeting in that location for a while. So today I tried again to go to a meeting at the first location. Again, there was no one there. So I went home.

I was looking through my library and found this book, The Only Diet There Is. I’m fairly certain that I’ve never actually read it before even though I do own it. I started to read. It’s sort of a Law of Attraction book for weight loss. It’s the opposite of the OA approach. After all, the first thing OA has you do is admit that you are powerless over food. Sondra Ray’s approach is more like claiming power. It’s a different mindset. As I read, I realized that I hadn’t connected with the OA meetings because it was the wrong approach for me. The Universe had better ideas. Sondra Ray’s approach resonates better. Besides, I really did panic first.

So now, the work comes down to getting myself to stop panicking so that I will start making better food choices again. Truly, panicking does not inspire in that direction. I’m going to follow Sondra Ray’s program and see what comes of it. To start with, she has you writing affirmations along with the yeah-buts that come up as you write them, and then writing affirmations to counter those, etc. She says that when you feel like eating, write first. That helps reveal what is going on with the beliefs.