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All-you-can-eat buffets

I like all-you-can-eat buffets when I’m watching my weight.  They make it easy to go low-carb, and I can maintain or even lose weight that way.  When I do buffets, I load up on meat and have a little bit of non-starchy vegetables with it.  I did this when I went to Las Vegas last time and actually lost weight.  The trick is to stick to your plan and choose accordingly.

Dealing with restaurants

No matter what plan you choose, you will likely dine out occasionally.  You might not be eating the specific foods on your plan, but it is possible to stay on plan.  If you know where you’ll be eating, you can research the menu possibilities ahead of time.  A lot of the chains have nutrition facts on their websites.  Also, a lot of the information is on  Even if the restaurant you will be eating at does not have information, it’s possible to guess the nutrition facts for items you know are on their menu by looking at similar items at other restaurants.  This is how I came up with my set menu choices for the restaurants I frequent most.  I was able to come up with selections that fell within my diet guidelines.