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Splenda and depression

Yesterday, I made meringues sweetened with Splenda.  Later that night, I noticed that I was feeling a little off and moody.  I wondered if there might be a link to my little snack.  So today I did a bit of research.  Here is what I found:

Link between Splenda and depression? Blog: Psychdata – Dedicated to exposing the fraud of psychiatry.
Depression, anxiety, panic, thoughts of suicide or death, agoraphobia, feelings of hopelessness, feeling alone. Splenda Sickness.
Splenda’s Dangers: One Man’s Personal Story That You Should Know 11/8/03.

There were other articles about people having problems with Splenda as well.  I’m thinking maybe anything with any large amount of Splenda may not be a good idea for me.  Those meringues definitely had a lot of the stuff in them.

Dealing with restaurants

No matter what plan you choose, you will likely dine out occasionally.  You might not be eating the specific foods on your plan, but it is possible to stay on plan.  If you know where you’ll be eating, you can research the menu possibilities ahead of time.  A lot of the chains have nutrition facts on their websites.  Also, a lot of the information is on  Even if the restaurant you will be eating at does not have information, it’s possible to guess the nutrition facts for items you know are on their menu by looking at similar items at other restaurants.  This is how I came up with my set menu choices for the restaurants I frequent most.  I was able to come up with selections that fell within my diet guidelines.

Hypoglycemia and phobias

One of the topics discussed in my hypnotherapy program is hypoglycemia. Actually, it need not necessarily be low blood sugar that causes a problem, but rather a sudden drop from a high blood sugar level. When this happens, the body wants more sugar, so it takes it out of reserves. As part of the process, adrenaline is released, causing the usual symptoms of anxiety such as rapid heart rate. It relates to hypnotherapy because a person may take this physiological response to the blood sugar drop to mean that they are afraid of whatever situation they may be involved in at the time, and this can cause a phobia. Fears and phobias are among typical issues for hypnotherapists. NutriSystem is good for avoiding these sudden blood sugar drops because the macro nutrients have been balanced in such a way so as to prevent them. This is why we feel so good while on the plan, and this is why I would recommend the plan to my weight loss clients.

“I deserve a treat”

No Recreational Eating!I found this image on someone’s blog.

I got uncomfortable with the “I deserve a treat” line. To me, that translates to, “I deserve a blood sugar swing.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the way those feel! I’ve been feeling so good on the NutriSystem plan that I just can’t imagine wanting to feel the way I used to. There’s definitely a socialization to the “I deserve a treat” line. I’ve talked to my skinny friends about it, and they just don’t feel that way about sugary foods. Sugary things just don’t appeal to them. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? When I told them how I was brought up with food, they said, “We feel sorry for you,” and they meant it. I’ve noticed that the instructors at the hypnotherapy school easily turn down treats when offered. Talk about positive peer pressure! I really love where I’m at, and it’s rubbing off.

An apple or a cookie?

I just got back from hypnotherapy school.  I swear, it’s difficult to become wise in 3 hours.  Anyway, we had a food related incident.  Someone brought in Oreo Double-Stufs.  The reaction of the other hypnotherapists was amazing to watch.  They couldn’t believe anyone would actually bring something like that.  I was holding an apple I had brought for my own snack at the time.  My reaction was, “Delicious sweet organic apple.  Sugary cookie.  Nope, no contest.  I want my apple.”  Among the hypnotherapists who have been around any length of time, hardly any of them are heavy.  Some of them admit to having been heavy before, but apparently hypnosis can work very well for overweight and eating habits.

Paper clip chain

I’ve got a chain of paper clips hanging on the refrigerator—one paper clip for every pound lost.  I got the idea on the Weight Watchers boards.  It’s a physical ticker, I guess you could say.
Paper Clip Chain