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The Importance of Vitamin K2

I recently listened to one of those infomercials that promised to solve every health problem under the sun.  I ended up paying quite a bit to buy their reports because they mentioned one “little” thing that has been causing me quite a lot of problems.  They mentioned calcification.  When I got the reports, I looked through them eagerly to find the answer to what causes calcification to occur where it isn’t supposed to be.  The answer was at the back of one of the smaller books I received. Continue reading »

90 Essential Nutrients

The following information is from a brochure produced by Youngevity®: 90 for Life:

For optimal health we need:

Continue reading »

Hormones and Fat

It has long been taught in health orthodoxy that a low-fat diet was ideal for preventing disease; but more and more, this idea is being called into question.  As more and more new research comes in, the orthodox medical establishment has had to grudgingly admit that perhaps their theories have been wrong all along.  On the weight maintenance side of things, we have been taught that higher intake of dietary fat makes us gain body fat, but research is now showing that the opposite may be the case. Continue reading »

Choosing dietary fats

Dietary fats are not all the same.  Some can be harmful while others are quite healthy. Some contribute to inflammation, some ease it.  Omega-3 in particular is noted for its anti-inflammatory properties.  I definitely would NOT recommend vegetable oil such as from soy or corn.  It contains too much omega-6 fat, which causes inflammation.  That type of fat will also suppress your immune system and contribute to cancer.  I don’t tend to eat much of those at all, unless I’m eating in a restaurant that prepares the food with vegetable oils.  I don’t use them at home.  Animal fat from pasture-raised meat and dairy, olive oil, and coconut oil don’t contain much omega-6, so they should all be fine.  In fact, these kinds of oils can help the immune system and protect against cancer.  The type of fats you choose will make a difference in weight as well.  Pig farmers tried using coconut oil to fatten their pigs.  It didn’t work.  The pigs stayed lean.  Then they switched to vegetable oil, and the pigs got fat.

Nutrition bomb lurking at your mall

I do trailer checks in the movie theater at the mall on Fridays. Right next to the theater is a Cinnabon, and I’ve had a thing for their Pecanbon rolls. Have you ever checked out the stats on Cinnabon’s Pecanbon roll? Yowser! Fortunately, I didn’t enjoy it so much the last time, so the desire has been greatly lessened.

CINNABON, Pecanbon roll
Nutrition (per roll): 1100.0 calories; 46% calories from fat; 56.0g total fat; 63.0mg cholesterol; 600.0mg sodium; 141.0g carbohydrates; 8.0g fiber; 47.0g sugar; 133.0g net carbs; 6.0g protein; 25.9 points.