Nutrition bomb lurking at your mall

I do trailer checks in the movie theater at the mall on Fridays. Right next to the theater is a Cinnabon, and I’ve had a thing for their Pecanbon rolls. Have you ever checked out the stats on Cinnabon’s Pecanbon roll? Yowser! Fortunately, I didn’t enjoy it so much the last time, so the desire has been greatly lessened.

CINNABON, Pecanbon roll
Nutrition (per roll): 1100.0 calories; 46% calories from fat; 56.0g total fat; 63.0mg cholesterol; 600.0mg sodium; 141.0g carbohydrates; 8.0g fiber; 47.0g sugar; 133.0g net carbs; 6.0g protein; 25.9 points.

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