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Eat fat, lose fat

I’m currently reading Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon. Mary Enig was a key scientist in the fight to get trans fats listed on our nutrition labels. She was actively opposed by the Institute for Shortening and Edible Oils (ISEO). This is an organization that pulls political clout to prevent the funding and publication of research intended to study the harm of vegetable oils and shortening. Continue reading »

Hypoglycemia and phobias

One of the topics discussed in my hypnotherapy program is hypoglycemia. Actually, it need not necessarily be low blood sugar that causes a problem, but rather a sudden drop from a high blood sugar level. When this happens, the body wants more sugar, so it takes it out of reserves. As part of the process, adrenaline is released, causing the usual symptoms of anxiety such as rapid heart rate. It relates to hypnotherapy because a person may take this physiological response to the blood sugar drop to mean that they are afraid of whatever situation they may be involved in at the time, and this can cause a phobia. Fears and phobias are among typical issues for hypnotherapists. NutriSystem is good for avoiding these sudden blood sugar drops because the macro nutrients have been balanced in such a way so as to prevent them. This is why we feel so good while on the plan, and this is why I would recommend the plan to my weight loss clients.