The following are blogs that I have enjoyed and found informative.  As much as for any other reason, I’ve listed them here so that I won’t lose the links.  They’re that good!

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  1. Eva Smith

    There’s something wrong with your site 🙁

    I was browsing your website and noticed you have a broken link. 🙁You can find it on, and it’s the Make Shift Happen link.
    As an avid reader of “Exploring Optimal Nutrition”, I love reading anything you write about, such as Hormones and Fat, and anything you link out to. Sadly, I couldn’t find the article you were trying to link to, but I did happen to find another good webpage on relevant topic: You should check it out, and if you like it, you probably want to switch the links.

    I know you are busy and probably get millions of emails a day, but I hope this one was helpful. I just wanted to help you out for once as “Exploring Optimal Nutrition” has changed my life.


    • Roxann Higuera

      Thank you, Eva, for bringing this to my attention. It appears that the author of the site,, has shut it down. Dean Dwyer wrote a book by that name as well. The book used to be available on Kindle for purchase. Now, it looks like only paperbacks from old print runs remain. You mention that this blog has changed your life. I would love to hear more about that. Please feel free to comment on the appropriate posts or write to me directly.

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