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Relaxation for weight loss

I found this little tidbit:

A study released by the Georgetown University Medical Center has posited a link between stress and weight gain that is more than just psychological; it seems to be physiological, too. When certain mice were stressed out, they gained far more weight than the control group of calm mice – even when both groups were fed the same amount of calories. After a period of three months the little frazzled guys became twice as obese as their relatively serene little compatriots.

Dr. Zofia Zukowska, who headed up the study, says researchers suspect that this result is due to an enzyme which has been found in especially high amounts in abdominal fat. In other words, the weight gain caused by stress seems to go straight to the belly, the most dangerous place to store fat. So now relaxation therapy is being recommended as a good addition to any weight loss program.

Hypnotherapy is a form of relaxation therapy which can help you with weight control. Not only will it help you reduce stress, but it can also help you correct bad eating habits.

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