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Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Hypnotherapy can be useful for changing the thoughts and habits relating to diet and weight loss.  Weight loss tends to be more complex than other issues brought to hypnotherapy and takes more sessions, but results are generally good.  There are a great many habits surrounding eating.  People who use hypnosis as part of their weight loss program tend to keep the weight off longer.  Hypnosis can also be used to reduce specific cravings that can interfere with following a diet plan.  We had a class demonstration once where the instructor demonstrated how to reduce the appeal of a particular food.  This person enjoyed potato chips and would buy them whenever she stopped at a gas station.  The instructor worked on changing the way she “sees” potato chips using NLP techniques.  We checked in with her in the next few weeks, and she had stopped eating potato chips.

When you choose a hypnotherapist, make sure they have adequate training and credentials.  There is no licensing for hypnotherapists.  Various organizations certify hypnotherapists, but the qualifications vary a great deal.  Typical training for hypnotherapists can range from a weekend course to a year-long program including an internship.

Because being overweight has possible medical causes, a hypnotherapist should ask you to provide a medical referral before he works on weight loss if you are obese.  Any time you are planning a major dietary change, it is recommended to work with a doctor, no matter your age or how healthy you think you are.

You can find out more about hypnotherapy for weight loss here.

Hypoglycemia and phobias

One of the topics discussed in my hypnotherapy program is hypoglycemia. Actually, it need not necessarily be low blood sugar that causes a problem, but rather a sudden drop from a high blood sugar level. When this happens, the body wants more sugar, so it takes it out of reserves. As part of the process, adrenaline is released, causing the usual symptoms of anxiety such as rapid heart rate. It relates to hypnotherapy because a person may take this physiological response to the blood sugar drop to mean that they are afraid of whatever situation they may be involved in at the time, and this can cause a phobia. Fears and phobias are among typical issues for hypnotherapists. NutriSystem is good for avoiding these sudden blood sugar drops because the macro nutrients have been balanced in such a way so as to prevent them. This is why we feel so good while on the plan, and this is why I would recommend the plan to my weight loss clients.