Dr. Jan Kwasniewski’s Optimal Diet

I’m currently reading about the Optimal Diet devised and implemented by Dr. Jan Kwasniewski. The Optimal Diet is a low-carb/high-fat diet that would meet fat intake criteria for epileptics. Testimonials on the Optimal Diet website claim that the diet reversed atherosclerosis, diabetes, ankylosing spondylitis, asthma, and multiple sclerosis, among others. I would caution, though, that the cured meats suggested in some of the menus should be avoided. Cured meats have been linked with some cancers. It is not surprising to me that some long-time adherents of the Optimal Diet have been coming down with digestive cancers, considering that cured meats are suggested to them. Natural meats are supposedly safe, from what I have heard.

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  1. Jim Jozwiak

    I think Kwasniewski’s general idea is correct
    and optimal, but the implementation that is
    suggested doesn’t work. I don’t do well with
    cured meats either. Better is a small plate
    with a little meat and a few vegetables and
    maybe the occasional nuts. Then get about
    3/4 of your calories from a blender drink
    made with hot espresso, a little milk, half a square of baking chocolate, and 2 to three ounces of butter, however much butter you need to get enough calories. Nutrition software can make it easier to figure out the ratios of the regimen.

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