My First “CSA” Box

My first box arrived from Farm Fresh To You.  It’s a service that delivers organic produce right to your door.  I ordered a Veggies Only box since we tend not to eat many fruits.  This week’s box included butternut squash, green cabbage, baby Romanesco, bacon avocado (appears to be a Florida variety), broccoli, leeks, fennel bulb, nantes carrots, lacinato (dino kale), and a large head of green leaf lettuce.  The broccoli is clearly for me since hubby won’t eat it.  I’m a little concerned about the Romanesco.  It may be too close to broccoli for hubby, but it is also considered a type of cauliflower.  Since he’ll eat cauliflower, that’s what I’ll tell him it is.  He isn’t too keen on carrots, either, but I can generally get small amounts of it into recipes without complaint.


So the hunt is on for Paleo-friendly recipes for the Romanesco.  Many recipes are basic, consisting of Romanesco with oil and salt added.  I’m fairly certain that won’t fly with hubby, so onward!  I found a recipe for Romanesco Tarte with Bacon that looked good.  Without the shell, it would be at least Primal-friendly.  Another option would be Romanesco with Spicy Italian Sausage.  Mario Batali’s Romanesco alla Diavola recipe could work, too, though it appears to be rather upscale and may need some modification for the budget-conscious.

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