Diet for an Irradiated Planet

It seems that the rules for what is optimal in a diet change when radiation is present in the environment, as it is now since the Fukushima Daiichi event on March 11, 2011.  A great amount of radiation has been released into the atmosphere and water since that time, and the release has not stopped.  This has resulted in the contamination of not just the local area, but much of the Pacific Ocean and Northern Hemisphere.  Radiation related illnesses have risen significantly in many regions since then.  For instance, some believe that the strange polio-like illness seen in California children is related to radiation contamination.  To get an idea of just how serious the problem is, you may be interested in viewing an interview with Leuren Moret.

Leuren Moret makes it all sound very dire, but some solutions are discussed toward the end of the video.  Surprisingly, one of the solutions suggested involves using the infamous HAARP system to clean up the radiation.

In the meantime, we have to eat.  So what is best?

First, all water should be filtered through a reverse osmosis filter.  This will remove nearly all contaminants, but Tritium will still remain since it is a radioactive hydrogen that attaches to the water molecule.

Dairy products should be strictly avoided.

Do not eat anything from the Pacific Ocean, including seaweed, or any freshwater fish.  All of these are highly contaminated now.

A macrobiotic diet has been found healthful in Japan.  Those in Japan who eat the Japanese macrobiotic diet are relatively healthy while those eating a more Western diet are getting sick and dying.  The suggested diet consists of brown rice, miso, cultured vegetables, root vegetables, and fruit.  Vegetables that grow at the surface such as lettuce should be avoided.  If you can, buy food produced in the southern hemisphere.

Use of iodine products is also recommended.

Beyond diet, Leuren Moret suggests avoiding air travel where possible, particularly over the Pacific or North America.  Not only are pilots and frequent flyers getting ill, but the radiation in the air is compromising the structure and mechanics of the airplanes.  This has seriously increased maintenance issues in the air fleet.

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