Determining when you’re done with weight loss

At some point in the weight loss process, you’ve got to move into maintenance mode.  Dieting would become a problem if you did not stop and became underweight.  If your significant other thinks you’re thin enough now, I would definitely take that into consideration.  After all, doesn’t what they find desirable count for something?  Also, most people tend to be most critical of themselves.  What you see in the mirror may not be what others are seeing.  This is one of the ways that anorexics go astray.  They see fat in the mirror when in truth they look skeletal.  Such perception actually has a name: body dysmorphic disorder.  If others are telling you that you’re thin enough already and you’ve got a healthy BMI, consider that maybe they’re right.  There’s an article available for calculating ideal weight, if you’d like to check it out.  It’s here.  The last method is a military method that takes into consideration one’s body measurements.

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