MSG and obesity

I’ve been reading blogs. A post mentioned that MSG is given to lab rats when they are first born to damage their hypothalamus and make them fat. If allowed, these rats will eat more than normal control rats. These rats will get fat even if their food intake is controlled to be the same as a normal control rat. This means that the altered rats are hungrier because their adipose [fat] tissue is gobbling up a disproportionate amount of the energy from their diets. They’re hungrier because they’re getting fat and not the other way around. If you need a reason to avoid processed food, MSG is a good one. A little more digging on that topic revealed that MSG has been included in vaccinations since 1982. Could that be why we’ve seen a jump in childhood obesity since then? We’re doing the same thing to our kids that the scientists do to their rats! What I’d like to know is if MSG damage can be undone. I haven’t found any indication yet that it can.

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